Decoding Si Ku Quan Shu(Complete Library in

Shandong Fine Arts Publishing House_Decoding Si Ku Quan Shu(Complete Library in

Author:Xiang Si



Published Date:2016.7



Author: Xiang Si
Publisher: Shandong Fine Arts Publishing House Co. Ltd.
Time of Publication:July, 2016
Price:RMB ¥19.80
Number of Pages:128
Book Size:32
Brief Introduction:The total 3,600 volumes of Si Ku Quan
Shu(Complete Library in the Four Branches of Literature),
the most extensive government-compiled encyclopedia, are
composed of 79,000 parts. In this book, the author carefully
studies the source, meaning, preserving and spreading of Si Ku
Quan Shu as well as the dramatic ups and downs of its chief
compiler Ji Xiaolan and the Dispatch Officer Lu Feichi. The
books consists of six parts: Wen Yuan Ge(The Royal Library),
Compiling of Si Ku Quan Shu, Seven Buildings that Preserve
the Si Ku Quan Shu, Spreading of the Si Ku Quan Shu, Ji
Xiaolan, and Lu Feichi.

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