Illustrations of Chinese Culture: Art(Pre-Qin

Shandong Fine Arts Publishing House_Illustrations of Chinese Culture: Art(Pre-Qin

Author:Zhang Changzheng, Wang Lingmei



Published Date:2014.6



Author: Zhang Changzheng, Wang Lingmei, Zhang Hongying
Publisher: Shandong Fine Arts Publishing House Co. Ltd.
Time of Publication:June, 2014
Price:RMB ¥19.80
Number of Pages:136
Book Size:32
Brief Introduction:In this book, the author uses simple language to
introduce the common sense of traditional Chinese art in chronological
order. All types of knowledge in this area are covered, so that students
of middle schools and primary schools can have a comprehensive
understanding of Chinese art types and their inner spirit, they can improve
their aesthetic ability as well.
This book does not divide the numerous types of Chinese traditional art
according to the categories in academic study, instead, over five dozens of
entries are picked out: bronze, Oracle, terracotta, stone relief, caves, pottery,
sculpture, costume, blue and white porcelain, murals, furniture, Cloisonne,
gardens, seal cutting, painting, etc., all of which are classics in the history of
Chinese art field and the most suitable items for the appreciation of primary
and middle school students. Each chapter is full of beautiful pictures and the
supplementary introduction of the relevant historical stories, making it easy
to understand and appreciable. Besides, the related expanding knowledge
and questions lead children to more reading.

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