Trailing the road to innovate the economy development, seeking the strategy&nb

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In 2015, in the field of copyright trade Shandong Art publishing house played an active part, such as attending China and South Korea copyright trade experience exchanging conference, the Beijing International Book Fair, Frankfurt Book Fair ... we fully took advantage of every opportunity in the exchanging process, and we humbly asked for advice so as to reach an efficient communication. A lot of research work has been launched before those activities and at the meeting we actively communicated and learned from foreign counterparts.

The work of the copyright trade has attracted the attention of the whole society, which has promoted the wave of absorbing "innovation economy" from the foreign publishing industry. The introduction of the Korean picture books educed editors to experience the advantage of "innovation economy" . Our published traditional culture books not only triggered foreign colleagues' interest, but also force the editors to open their minds in order to practice the idea of trying to "go out". With the ideological emphasis on the copyright trade and the practice of new thinking pattern, we initiated actively to start the future development of the copyright trade, laying the cornerstone for our excellent books' "going out" .

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