Decoding the Rarities of San Xi Tang

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Author: Xiang Si
Publisher: Shandong Fine Arts Publishing House Co. Ltd. Time of Publication:July, 2016
Price:RMB ¥19.80
Number of Pages:120
Book Size:32
Brief Introduction:San Xi Tang(Room of Three Rarities), the Study of Emperor Qianlong, got its name from three pieces of rare calligraphy works—Kui Xue Shi Qing(Sunny Feelings of Snow) of Wang Xizhi, Zhong Qiu Tie(Mid-Autumn Festival) of Wang Xianzhi and Be Yuan Tie(Reminisce)
of Wang Xun—that are the most wanted and the most valuable in the mind of the last emperor Pu Yi. In this book, the author does serious study on the horizontal inscribed boards, digs out the buiding’s meaning and setting up, and tells about the rarities’ legendary spreading and fate.

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