Decoding Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains

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Author: Xiang Si
Publisher: Shandong Fine Arts Publishing House Co. Ltd.
Time of Publication:July, 2016
Price:RMB ¥22.00
Number of Pages:144
Book Size:32
Brief Introduction:Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains, 33cm * 636.9cm,illustrates the southern landscape through the painting of Fuchun River in Fuyang Area. Ever since it came out, it was possessed by quite several collectors. In this book, the author makes careful study of the painting on its creation, implication and appreciation of Emperor Qianlong. The book consists of six parts: Huang Gongwang, the Painting, Survival of Hard Times, Mourning of Shenzhou, Misjudge of Emperor Qianlong, and Legendary Fate.

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