Japanese Swords

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Author: Peng Peng
Publisher: Shandong Fine Arts Publishing House Co. Ltd.
Time of Publication:March, 2016
Price:RMB ¥58.00
Number of Pages:210
Book Size:16
Brief Introduction:The first half of this Book objectively
not only introduces the basic concept and categories of the Japanese samurai swords, as well as their forging and grinding process, but also scientifically reveals the physical basis of the artistic features of the samurai swords. The author traces the history of development of Japanese swords and emphasizes on the introduction of only the selected famous blade-smith at each time. Ancient Japanese samurai swords and the modern Japanese military swords have their differences and similarities. Therefore, the other half of the book introduces the alteration from samurai swords to military swords and the characteristics of various models. Meanwhile, the appreciation and identification method of Japanese swords, the knowledge of collection and maintenance is also covered. In the appendix, there is the rating of the blade-smiths for readers’ reference.

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