The Mouse Marries Its Daughter Off

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Author:Zhang Daoyi
Publisher: Shandong Fine Arts Publishing House Co. Ltd. Time of Publication:April, 2009
Price:RMB ¥42.00
Number of Pages:120
Book Size:16
Brief Introduction:The Mouse Marries Its Daughter Off Mouse, a creature closely related to human beings, appears a lot in traditional Chinese culture. Beginning with the origin of the Chinese character “mouse”, following the evolution of this species, this book makes a comprehensive interpretation of the image of mouse in the traditional Chinese culture. It also discusses the expression of the relationship between mouse and cat, mouse and dog in Chinese New Year's Paintings. Mouse is also one of the twelve animals which
are the mascots of Chinese years of birth. The customs of the year of mouse are introduced in this book as well. The Mouse Marries Its Daughter Off is a well-known folk story in China. With the analysis of the story itself and how the story is told, it is believed that the philosophy of “allow more latitude first for a tighter rein afterwards” can be revealed. At the end of the book, a large amount of related Chinese traditional art works with text introduction makes the book more vivid and interesting.

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