From the Lapis lazuli Road to the Silk Road

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Author:Shen Aifeng
Publisher: Shandong Fine Arts Publishing House Co. Ltd.
Time of Publication:January, 2009
Price:RMB ¥96.00
Number of Pages:278
Book Size:16
Brief Introduction:From the Lapis lazuli Road to the Silk Road
This book is about the ancient cultures, religions and art of West Asia, Central Asia and the Asia- Europe prairie.
On the basis of the findings of archaeologists and historians, the author tries to reveal the value of ancient Asian art through the study of the culture. The content of this book focuses on the comparative analysis of major art forms and symbols in all types of civilizations as well as the discussion of relevant myths, religions and ethics. The main points in this book consist of: 1. the reciprocal influence among the civilizations,2. the dating back of the prototypes of mythical and artistic images and their transformed forms in different civilizations,3. the different expressions of the universal factors of human beings,4. the rise and fall of the nationalities.

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